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A recent discussion:

Them: This virus thing has been good and bad for me…you know?

Me: What do you mean by that?

Them: Well the bad is that I will likely lose my job soon. The good is that I am home all the time now...I feel so much closer to my spouse and children…Ironically, but for the financial concerns, I am so much happier. Amazing that it took a global pandemic to make me open my eyes to what really matters most in my life. When you are moving so fast in this race you fail to see the meaning in things.

Me: You think you are the only one that has experienced this?

Them: I really do not know, but overall I do see families spending more time together so I guess that is a good thing.

Me: You think that once the pandemic is over you will go back to the same “race” that blinded you?

Them: No way! Sure I have to provide, but I am going to do it differently this time. I will only focus on the productive stuff at work that brings value to me and my employer. I am going to cut out all the time draining distractions from my life…you know?...the blinding stuff.

I will conclude this post with this quote I recently came across:

“The most successful people I know are not busy. They’re focused.”—Jeff Goins

Edgar J. Guzman


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